More of a SovCit thing, but....


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Jan 4, 2022
I was just watching a SovCit vid on BHK's channel, where an Australian SovCit gets dragged off to the slammer. The usual driving vs. traveling discussion ensued. It occurred to me...

Even if you truly, passionately believe that there's a difference between Driving and Traveling, for all the BS SovCit reasons, how frickin' tough is it to acknowledge that the Cop/Deputy/Supervisor, the person on the other side of your barely opened side window with the gun and the taser, the one with the power to arrest your sorry *advertiser censored* and take it to jail? That person is operating under an entirely different reality than you are and will act accordingly. When they say you need to comply or be arrested, they generally mean it. Yet, you act Shocked! Shocked, I tell you, as they're locking up the Torture Cuffs® and tossing that sorry *advertiser censored* into the back of a Tahoe

Hey, either way, watching you clowns getting arrested is entertaining as all get out. But when something happens that everyone knows is going to happen, and has happened consistently like that in the past, well, ain't that a hint?

I strongly suggest adjusting your tactics. I say this, knowing with 100% certainty that there ain't no way that's ever gonna happen. Chaos and disruption mean Clicks and Views, but Arrests mean E-Begging.

And we all know why you do this.

Anyway, thanks all for indulging me, I started to leave this as a comment on BHK's vid, but dropped it here instead. Yeah, fascinating stuff, I know....

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