PedoLibreAudits Franklin Jacob Ornelas: The RUNT of the SGV Street Gang


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With his size-appropriate, runt's anemic share of subscribers, is this the world's toughest greasy haired, camera and weapons toting dwarf.... with elderly Korean women?

Just once, I'd like to hear one of this SGV gang members speak something resembling the truth when asked about what the fuck they're doing.

How difficult would it be to give a straight answer for once?

Question: "Hey Dwarf, WHY are you filming us? Are you with the press, or did one of the Barnum and Bailey clown cars blow a gasket nearby? Shall I call Triple-A for you? Or perhaps a hearse?"

Answer: "What the fuck am I doing? Well, Just take a good gander at me. I'm a deformed, child-sized runt that never grew up. That's what I'm doing. What you see is what you get, there certainly shouldn't be any mystery to it. And Yeah, that's right, I'm a fucking bum, so what? Tell me something we don't know just by looking at me. Go ahead. Surprise me. The ONLY thing I ever excelled at, aside from being able to hold a camera and antagonize people, was somehow managing to talk a career woman, who makes decent coin, into marrying me though Lord only knows why she did and by what divine intervention that occurred. Maybe my mother made a Novena to St. Jude, Patron Saint of Animals and Lost Causes, that stuck because God took pity on her for having cursed her with me for a son, worthless bitch that she and I both are.

Anyway, because my wife makes decent money, that leaves me free to pursue my hobby. Which is acting like an undisciplined, disobedient 8 year old that grew up without a father in the home to correct my abominable behavior and teach me right from wrong, and maybe a trade, or encourage me to learn one while he was at it. You know, I'm the kid that tortures small animals, breaks things intentionally, disrespects adults, and bullies 3 and 4 year olds. That's my hobby. That's why I'm here, why this camera, and what I'm doing, annoying you. It's my hobby. Not collecting baseball cards. Or playing video games. Or playing a sport. Or a meaningful job producing something or providing a service and being paid for it. Or even jerking off because it's too much trouble. If I want to even think of getting a hard on, I have to be in a room without any reflections because if I catch sight of what I look like, more like a fat, waddling bird than a man, it won't happen".

Just once. I'd like to hear something like that from one of this scum lot. Something that approaches a realistically honest answer, IMO.


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He only picks on those which are not likely to give him a smack down!
The whole SGV crew. Franklin the Dwarf fits right in, and he's tiny enough that any of his gang mates can quickly rat-hole him up their asshole if he needs to hide.

They use precise Mexican prison gang tactics. Very easy to neutralize if you know how. They're master sneaks. Their victims are mostly women and kids. The entire SGV street gang all seem to share the same hatred of white women that their cowardly, hypocritically pontificating, portly, buxom shot caller has on display, like here:

Can you imagine even THINKING that you may consider yourself a man and finding yourself sexually berating a woman like this? With such hatred and sexual contempt. It's criminal. I have no doubt that if the situation and surroundings favored it, he would rape and then kill her and laugh doing it. You could hear it. His voice is SHAKING with hatred and anger for no reason other than she is white and a woman. His typical fat-man's labored breathing is even more labored, during and after his sexual harassment assault on her.

My question is, where are the men here at this establishment? Nobody comes out and stops him from sexually harassing her?

"Treat others like you would want to be treated", this C-cup titted, corpulent, bellowing, two-faced, fork-tongued sow tells the police.

I place blame for this on the man who DIDN'T show up to help her. The man who SHOULD have. There HAD to have been at least one man there, right? there certainly weren't any men on the sidewalk holding cameras. The SGV crew are NOT men. And that can be proven in an octagon or ring. The unseen man sees a woman being sexually abused and harassed and he watches it?

That's who I find fault with. Not the woman, for not getting in her car and running over the fat sow. Not the fat, titted bellowing, extremely racist-driven sow who hates white folks in general and especially women even more than he hates himself.

It's the fault of the unseen man who watched, didn't confront the sow, and neutralize the threat.


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He only picks on those which are not likely to give him a smack down!
The height of irony is this fat, unkempt, slovenly bitch questioning the cop about "what did you do for the community today?", with that "holier than thou" voice, like he's a choir boy, going door to door washing feet every day, a standard mantra of his to cops, much like Amagansett Press, "Leather Lungs" Jason Gutterman's standard, annoying mantra to the cops, "While I've got you here, I have a little question I always like to ask. What's the worst enemy of a good cop?". As stupid a question after Gutterman annoys and aggravates everyone he comes into contact with INCLUDING the police, as Fat Jose McTits asking the police what they did for the community after he sexually harassed a woman for crossing the street.

And I can't say I totally blame the unkempt, unbathed, bearded sow's unhealthy attitude towards women. Look at him. All 300+ pounds of him. He and Downey. Like 2 pounds of shit in a one pound bag. He's obviously a real "charmer", a real "lady's man. A "Don Juan" with the ladies. The ladies Don' Juanna have anything to do with the unkempt slob, he'd have to pay and pay dearly for any woman to give him any attention, IMO. He'd have to overwhelm them with a magnificent cash offer they couldn't possibly refuse. Or go trolling with crack in the gutter and hope he lands a swallow without jagged meth-teeth.

Look like a fucking bum, feel like a fucking bum, then act like a fucking bum. That's how life works. When you look like a bum and act like one, no matter how much you try to convince yourself that you're not a worthless piece of shit, the tiny part left of your brain that still sees reality and not the funhouse reflection can't be convinced, thus the horrendously hateful attitude towards self AND women.

You can't teach thousands of men and women effective combat arts for 20 years and not become a keen student of human nature and psychology from a WORKING, hands on aspect when you're trying to instill a certain mindset and urge the best from someone while suppressing their worst. And this crew has all the traits of the worst in people. The whole scum lot of them, top, or should I say tits, to bottom.


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One day they will get the beating of their life and there will no one around to help them!
I have the regrettable feeling that's only half true, Doc.

They typically choose only what they perceive to be soft targets, I have no doubt that the day will come when that choice turns out to be a poor one, a wolf in sheep's clothing after all, with unforeseen robustly dire outcomes for them.

That's typically how rolling the dice goes.

BUT, I also have no doubt that the REAL-LIFE Jedi of our world, the police and military; if present, would selflessly put their own lives in peril to protect the very same people who curse, berate, and crucify them every chance they get, wishing death upon them, for no reason other than their being criminals, hatred for ANY form of authority ingrained.

Sadly, that's typically how that goes as well.


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BTW, I posted that video where he was harassing church members, little twit!
Churches and Synagogues are a favorite Sacred Happy Hunting Grounds for this filth-encrusted, well-armed, camera toting street gang. Path of least resistance. The preferred targets of the phony tough.

A well-trained and well-practiced/experienced tactician in the art of war, I notice everything. I see it all. From the macro details that most see and hear to the most minute details that most miss. Have you noticed how FILTHY the great majority of frauditors are? Especially THIS crew?

Pedo Franklin the Dwarf has been wearing the same jacket with the same dirt stains in the same place since a few years ago when I started watching the 1A Harassment videos. The same greasy hair.

When the cameras catch their hands, forearms, and fingers close up, they have the same dirt under their nails and filth on their skin.

In the video where Fat Jose is hit by a vehicle, they call the paramedics, he takes his shirt off, it looks like it would stand up all by itself, and his back and arms, especially his elbows and triceps, are so filthy that you can tell the EMT is having a hard time differentiating between his body grime, body hair, and what MIGHT be a bruise forming beneath it all.

A tattoo artist could have depicted a rendition of Christ on the Cross just by re-arranging the years old FILTH and grime embedded into the top layer of Fat Jose McTits' skin if he had a trowel and a spritz bottle of water!

Ice Cold's hands look like he hasn't washed them with soap in years, the same dirt in the same places, video after video.

Out of the whole motley crew, Silence Boy and KC appear to be the only ones who regularly get in a tub or under a shower WITH a BAR OF SOAP in hand.

Have you noticed this, Doc?


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The Dregs of Society walk among us, be armed & prepared!
No respect for your own body, how you maintain it, and what you put in it + no care exercised in what you do with it = no respect for yourself, anyone, or anything else; a major part of your outlook merely a projection from within reflecting how one feels about oneself.


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