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Attached is a short video explaining how this activist made a positive lasting change. As documents become available this thread will be updated.

Original video from PSNJ:

Local News Article:

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I have only done a few audits, but I have audited with Police State NJ.

Link to my audit with Police State NJ vid:

I featured this particular Toms River NJ PD vid on several FB pages (FilmingislegalMoron, PINAC, SAEXTAZYPREZ, NewsNow NJ pages).
This is a perfect example of how to interact WHEN YOU KNOW THE LAW.
I can't stress that enough. You have to know the law and caselaw better than the cop on the street.
I see so many vids, some just this week, and they just don't know the law. They say 'The Supreme Court has ruled I can film from 10 feet away'.
Supreme Court has never ruled on any filming public officials cases.
You have to know the law like Mike did here.


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Knowing the law is just part of the equation. The manner in which you present the law will greatly impact how the officer reacts to your information. Yelling, name calling, threats, and obscenities will not positively influence your position. You may be 100% accurate in the law and its application to the current situation, but that will not guarantee you the response you desire so why aggravate the situation with threats, name calling etc?
Also follow the wise words of Kenny Rogers in "know when to walk away." Being arrested is not required to bring about change.


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FILM, I know he was able to become involved in training local officers. I thought he achieved that through filing suit. I don't know a ton about his case. Can you tell us any details about how he accomplished that?


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