POSTER 7 and PHOTOGRAPHY: The reality, not the blather.


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As often seen in 1A audit videos, a review of poster 7's photographic guidelines will occur. Usually an auditor will direct police to the section and instead of just letting them read the paragraph, attempt to distract them, reading it to them, stopping abruptly after the word "corridors". If you keep reading past this point, it becomes obvious as to why the auditor's effort to distract intensifies at this point because the rest of the paragraph makes it perfectly clear that at any time, IF the auditor(s disrupt the smooth flow of postal business, the postmaster has the authority to restore order by telling them, in no uncertain terms, to get the fuck out. And if they refuse, police can and will be called and they will be trespassed. Here it is. Anyone with a basic understanding of the English language should be able to easily interpret it without any confusion whatsoever to the meaning of the guideline.


Photographs for News, Advertising, or Commercial Purposes

Photographs for news purposes may be taken in entrances, lobbies, foyers, corridors, or auditoriums when used for public meetings *except where prohibited by official signs or Security Force personnel or other authorized personnel* or a federal court order or rule. Other photographs may be taken only with the permission of the local postmaster or installation head.

A USPS postmaster, or an assistant acting as a postmaster, would qualify as "authorized personnel".


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Of interest is the wording, "when used for public meetings". The way this is worded can only be correctly interpreted one way. Photography is allowed in the post office foyers, corridors and lobbies ONLY when those designated areas are being used for a public meeting. A public meeting is not the same as meeting the public. And official meetings inside a post office can only be called by officials, public or otherwise.

By the clearly stated language of poster 7, photography is not allowed inside the post office, except to record a public meeting, whether the postmaster or acting postmaster gives their blessing or not.


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