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Like KC, Pedo, Fat Downey, Fat Jose, the whole enchilada, and the rest of the SGV crew, sick ass fools all (is that down? is that down? is that down?); the whole crew lacking enough balls to audit without carrying weapons, I also have quite a sense of humor.

I've assembled quite a prodigious file of personal information on the entire crew. Names, addresses, associates, another whole enchilada (sick ass fools all) all information obtained and compiled from the net, the deep web, the dark web, and FOIAs from arrests. Sick ass fools. Damn, small ass fools, big ass fools. Is that down? (nervous laugh at nothing at all)

My sense of humor is even superior to the SGV crew, I'd wager. Such a good sense of humor that I'm silly. Simply silly. Is that down? Is that down? Is that down? (more nervous laughter at nothing at all).

I'm so silly that what I do with that information is to share it. That's what public information is for. Sharing. With who? Why, with the sick ass fools. The same sick ass fools these boys torture. It's all about transparency and accountability, right? Is that down? This is what the 1AAers profess. TRANSPARENCY. It's all about transparency. And accountability.. Sick ass fools. Sick ass fools. I'm sure the SGV crew would approve, in the name of transparency, accountability and education on the first amendment of course. Damn... bitch ass fools. (more nervous laughter, like Riverside, a fucking moron laughing at nothing at all after every sentence).

And what better way to foster accountability and transparency than to share all that info, all accessible online and neatly compiled for EZ reference, with the sick ass fools that the SGV sick ass fools torture.

So as silly as I am, I always reach out to the businesses and/or people the SGV crew tortures, by phone (a burner), by anonymized email, or other means to make contact and share this information of shame that may one day bear the fruit of further accountability and transparency. Silly. I'm silly like that. Is that down? Is that down? Sick ass fools! (more nervous laughter at absolutely nothing at all, Holmes), Damn. Bitch ass fools.


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