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Quite a statement! ALL of them. Not just Ruth Green, whom he is defaming throughout this entire video, along with her husband David and the entire host of city, state, and town law enforcement, employees, administrators, and elected officials.

"ALL of them" are corrupt, he asserts. Same as every other town where he goes to play Lawsuit Lotto and comes up with what he perceives to be a winning spin of the Lawsuit Lotto Wheel of Shame.

About an hour in, talk turns to just how corrupt Berwyn and every politician in the state is; the only thing missing is his MAGA-hat for his Mini-brain as his butt-monkey, with the orange Elmer Fudd hat, records him for posterity. "Shhhhhhh. Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting lawsuits.. heh heh heh heh!".


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Calling out Kim Foxx as well, to drop his charges immediately like she did Jesse Smollett's. Or else?

People's Bureau of Investigation, at SideShow Sean's behest, plastering his own signs OVER the mask and vaccine mandate signs while the mayor looks on approvingly?

Talk of eliminating all restricted areas in all public buildings?

How would that work. Just walk in and do anything you please, anywhere you please? Sounds like a bulletproof plan.

And why would that have to be relegated to public buildings only? Private businesses, who allow entry by the public, would also fall under SideShow Sean's new edicts. Unrestricted public access to everything.

It's going to be a brave new world under SideShow Sean's leadership. Maybe it's time for the government to eliminate all public services? Give all these "patriots" a chance to see how truly being "free of everything" works? No police. No military. No transportation. No energy. No electricity. We'll all be farmers and fisherman. Make our own clothes. Fix our own injuries. It'll be fun. It'll be wonderful to truly be free of everything, right, Sideshow? We'll be like the Eloi in the Time Machine. Gathering nuts and berries and serving as food and slaves for another nation that isn't quite as "free". ROFL

What I don't understand is:

1) Why isn't the new leader of the free world at the White House having all the restricted areas made public?

2) Why would the mayor still have his job 1 hour after tearing down the sign to comply with SideShow's edicts?
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