SGV News 1st: Cowards waging war against God


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Interesting to me that in their two man war (three, when Furry is involved) against "God", Mosques are conspicuously missing from their itinerary of harrassment.

Ironic that these three are always mentioning to preachers and worshippers, "Why don't you invite us in, or give us water. Be welcoming", and when that does occur, as it does here, one of the church members bringing Jose Gonzales a bottle of chilled water, telling him, "Here's some water. You must be hot out here", God-hating Jose shoos him away, dismissing him with his usual disrespectful banter.

Now I myself am not a religious man, and I'm hard pressed to admit that I believe in God. But I'm also aware of instances like Sam Kinison's. Sam spent the better part of his comic career making Jesus and God the butt end of his jokes. Making fun of them. We know where he wound up, right? If there is a God, maybe he doesn't work as mysteriously as they say he does. Maybe all it took was a tiny push on a steering wheel to place that car right in his path.

People always tell you all about themselves by their actions, inactions, and subtleties and it's pretty obvious to me that Hateful Jose hates God and anybody who believes or tries to believe in him. As well as hating anyone else he runs into on the street. Look at the part where he comes across furniture that someone threw out. He has issues because he doesn't like that the bed broke or drawer broke when they were thrown out. Is he insane altogether or just that much of a malcontent who hates everything, everybody, and himself as well.


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Is SGV this Jose Gonzales? I ask because based on the year of the picture, 2013, it sure could be. If not, SGV either has a twin out there or something went seriously wrong with the copying machine.

I know. The neck tats aren't as evident on SGV, but now he sports a full beard and is typically careful not to expose the areas of the neck/torso not concealed by the beard.

Tat removal or concealer is also a possibility.

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