SGV NEWS FIRST: Corpulent Chivato? Diabetic Rat? Or two rats in one?


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This woman at about the 22 minute mark has the right idea. Much to the dismay of the obviously flustered, flatulently corpulent, white hating, dog-hating blob, she stands her ground and states her assessment of "Tubby's" physical condition after he told her she, "Was old and didn't have long to live".

Here analysis was PERFECT. Hypertension, diabetes, blocked arteries/circulatory issues, in other words, Jose isn't quite the "picture of health" he thinks himself to be.

350 pounds of pure fucking blubber. A decades long diet of pure shit, you are what you eat, and it turned him into, in essence, the 350 pound, wheezing turd that he is today.

And it's a sore spot!!! Ahhhh. You don't like that, do ya' Tubby? Ouch!!! GOOD to know!! Hypocrites HATE when you speak the truth about them, they can't handle it, he and "Fart Freely" (Pedo Libre) are trying to talk OVER her. But she's not having it.

May I suggest following them around with a megaphone. ;)


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