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At the end: (laughter, from both, like two demented hyenas)

"That's how we DOOO it. Shut 'em all down, guys".

Why didn't they say that BEFORE the officer closed the door after re-entering the building?

Just two "civic-minded, well-intentioned citizens", right?


I wonder if the FBI, CDC, State Attorney's office, and all other pertaining Gov. authorities are alerted to this video and what will undoubtedly be a continued effort to "shut them all down" (vaccine sites), as clearly stated by the head of the SGV News First gang, steps will be taken on State or/and Federal level to minimize their efforts?
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As suspected, right out of the gate, the appropriate Federal and State agencies ARE interested in what appears to be a concerted effort to shut down/interfere with Vaccine centers, even if the local authorities are not.

Joe Gonzalez' final statement at the end of the video:

"That's how we DOOO it. Shut 'em all down, guys".

Like I've stated before. He's not as DUMB as an ox. He's about as SMART as one.


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When these morons were younger, their Momma's dropped them out of the stupid tree and they hit every branch on the way down!
I'm watching your latest video, a take on PattyCake and Kamikaze Floyd.

IMO, Floyd's behavior isn't stupid. It's insane and suicidal. Now, he may feel that this is his schtick and that it's a CONTROLLED act he's putting on, his not really wanting to commit suicide, in this case, death by cop.

But should the cops be expected to fathom exactly what it is Floyd has in mind? And will the "imaginary gun in the pocket, or small of his back" one day be replaced by a real firearm? The cops who have seen his act before lulled into a sense of false security, assuming it's nothing as usual?

Anyone acting like this, a danger to themselves and others, whether real or an act, CAN and SHOULD be arrested and taken to the ER of the local Hospital, then placed under a MINIMAL 72 hour hold for observation pending psychiatric evaluation, same as they would if they attempted suicide as Floyd represents repeatedly in his videos.

I'll never understand why the police simply don't do this and let the mental health services deal with him and maybe Patty too while they're at it as an added bonus, 1 and a half men for the price of 1, IMO


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