SGV NEWS FIRST: The whole crew. What a disappointing Christmas


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No videos except for Steve, Ice Cold, Rivera's:

because there aren't any other "Christmas" videos from any of the SGV gang that I could find. Not a fucking one of them, EXCEPT for Ice Cold, Steve Rivera. Who at least did a "Merry Christmas to all" chat from his truck with She-Devil, Puggy, and his son.

Nice to see that despite being such a combative, old, curmudgeon, On Christmas Eve, Steve felt, enjoyed, and conveyed the Christmas spirit wonderfully to his followers.

I might be wrong, and there may be more, I can't see everything, but THIS stood out as the ONLY video of good fellowship and love that I saw posted by ANY auditor on Christmas Eve or Christmas. Worth noting.

I don't generally listen to much of each Ice Cold audit. I mean, who the fuck could, right? Camera shaking all over the place, typically the only thing in focus at all is the ground. Ice stammering, repeating himself, screaming at people, "Fuck you, I'm right here, bitch", it's tedious to say the least.

But THIS video, I listened to the entire 2 hours because the interaction between him, his son, and Puggy was heartwarming and unexpected.

So my question is this. What happened to all the "spread the love", and "For the public good" yammering that the SGV crew members usually spew?

No videos of one of them dressing up like Santa and spending some of their youtube money on toys, bringing them to a children's hospital? Or bringing barbequed chickens to the homeless people? Or blankets? Or bailing someone out of jail? Maybe a young pregnant woman? And getting her a room for the night and hot meal if she has nowhere to go?

Where the fuck is all the "philanthropy" we always hear about, and good will, "For we the people", "Help one another", AT CHRISTMAS TIME?

Sad. That people who talk about "giving back to the public" by making sure you can hold a camera in public and deliberately aggravate people couldn't manage one gesture of good will at the right time of year for it, except for Steve Ice Cold Rivera, who knows how to do Christmas and blessed us with a look into his Holiday spirit.

Sad that he was the only one.
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