SGV News First: There's only so many women and kids you can terrorize....


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.....before one day a husband/father, with bigger balls than Jose's mouth, appears seemingly from out of the blue and reacts swiftly and effectively. No mouth. No threats. No curses or yelling, no posturing, in fact, just silent deadly focus, Jose's mouth right in his crosshairs, and all the King's horses and all the King's pepper spray won't deter the outcome. It's got to happen. It's inevitable. I watch his videos because I know it's coming. There will be a fully functional Alpha male who will one day come upon Fatso calling his wife a stupid whore, and telling her fuck you and fuck your kid, him threatening to mace them both, and Mr. Invincible will suddenly learn the most important life lesson of all. That no one is invincible. I look forward to him seeing that lesson learned, it's only a matter of time until Lady Luck jumps from his shoulder because she can't stand the stench any longer and the the Shandoolie Stoolie's luck runs out with her.

And talk about pieces of shit. As Fatso terrorizes the woman and kid, one of Fatso's demented fans is typing into the chat, "Mace the car. Mace the inside of the car (where the child is). See if she likes that", sick fucks that most of them are that enjoy watching Fatso inflicting as much torture as he can against people.

Another POS is writing, "Try to provoke her then have her arrested, even if you have to lie. PPA. They will have to jail her and the little bastard will get stuck in child protective services. Maybe she won't get him back Ha ha ha ha". And damn if he didn't give that one helluva' try. This is the typical SGV fan. The dregs of the scum scooped from the bottom of the barrel.


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