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....and the cops taking their time to collect for their cause.

Courtesy of Familia TV / Destination 2 Truth, a fantastic channel:

I imagine this is his special way of "bridging the gap between police and the community", as every 1A frauditor on earth pontificates? Improving all that peace and love garbage between the police and community they're always talking about? Well THIS is a sure way to do it, right? By interfering as best as he can, badgering police AND CONTRIBUTORS to the Special Olympics drive? When with his petrified brain he should be IN the Special Olympics instead of trying to end the collection drive for one of among the best causes on earth?

And why isn't he arrested and taken straight to the local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation? It's not just that his IQ is low-grade moron level, there's something seriously wrong with him beyond just being a half-witted shit-for-brains, IMO.

The Beavis and Butthead cackling at absolutely NOTHING after every stammered, nonsensical sentence. The fact that SGV stated that "Silence Boy was too out there for him", El Chivato Gordo, himself a rat without a shred of morals or decency doesn't want anything to do with him? Speaks volumes. Silence Boy is a rat's idea of a rat?

I blame the police for having to fold up shop as he degrades them and the people at the table, for their not taking him for a 72 hour psych evaluation or arresting him for a public disturbance as soon as he told the Korean girl to go fuck herself without her ever addressing him, virulently racist piece of shit that he and his former camera mates, who now want nothing to do with him, are. The police lack balls as much as he lacks brains, they're actually a good match for him, useless and even more useless, IMO

Won't be long before Silence Boy tortures (audits) the kids themselves. It's coming. And you know what? He'll do it right in front of the police, once it dawns on that pea-sized brain of his that he can and get away with it. The police will allow it, While he's breaking some crippled kids crutches over their head and tasing the parents, stammering in broken English about "he ha' de Costintut'nal rye t'do thees", the police will stand there and do nothing, looking the other way, numbskulls twiddling their thumbs.

Is he simply another 1AA police informant with preferential treatment? Notice that when some 1AAers think they're in danger of being arrested, because there are still 3 or 4 cops in the USA with balls, usually the women, they tell the cops to "Call Lt. so and so and tell him I'm so and so, and he'll tell you what to do". And sure enough, a big fat Schneider., followed by "Fuck you, officer". I wonder why after they make that call to the 1AAs police contact the investigation always grind to a halt and the cops run like the Devil is sticking a pitchfork in their ass? ROFL

What other reason can there be for certain 1AAs being 50,000 feet ABOVE the law? Is it that? Or have police become nothing more than blue-suited voyeurs with badges that identify them as inert manikins?

And since that is the case, I wonder how long it will take for the victims of 1A frauditors to realize, "Hey. They can do anything they want to me or my loved ones and the police will not impede them even if they want to kill me because that is their right. Maybe I can ignore laws about carrying deadly weapons like the 1AAs do! Doesn't that mean that I have that same right to do whatever the fuck I want to them when they're torturing me or my loved ones, since the cops look the other way for them"?

I wish nothing but pure evil for Silence Boy. He HATES cops and HATES kids with disabilities so, May God put him right in the path of something or someone that will sever his spinal cord at the neck for him, leaving him a quadriplegic, consigned to a wheelchair for the rest of his miserable, shit-stained life, people changing his diaper, which I hope will be an incredibly long and suffering one for him, and may that continue in Hell for all eternity when he graces this earth by leaving it.
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Here's the video on Silence Boy's channel:

I had originally posted it, in the opening post above, as a video from Destination 2 Truth's 1AA critique channel and it must have gotten a copyright strike so here it is, straight from SB's rotten channel.

Silence Boy: "Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, and fuck this Korean (camera aimed at a young Asian girl who didn't even know he was there)". He always shows his true colors.


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Destination 2 Truth / Familia TV's take on a Silence Boy 1A Harassment video:

Since cops in California seem relegated to the role of either baggage handling or ball-washing detail, businesses like this one that wish to remain in smooth operation need to put armed private security on the premises IF they want to remain in business.
A fully armed and licensed security person or security detail, not from the "observe and report" school of security services; not doormen. But from the "no fucking around" school of security.

Security who will aggressively neutralize a threat IMMEDIATELY. as soon as that person reaches for pepper spray, a taser, a firearm, or whatever can be construed as a firearm; instantly neutralizing ANY PERCEIVED THREAT of potential harm or injury to a patron, an owner, a passerby on the property, or security himself.

Hear the words, "I'm going to taze you". or "I'm going to pepper spray you", "or I'm going to send you to Hell" (like Silence boy told the diner here while reaching for his sidearm"; before the armed criminal-frauditor even finishes the sentence, as soon as his hand moves to the weapon, or is holding the weapon the threat should be neutralized. No talking. No bandying about. No bullshit. Immediately. Threat validly perceived, threat rightfully neutralized. Instantly. Self-defense, end of story. Let the authorities sort it out later when they view the bodycam footage with the armed criminal-frauditor issuing his threat, weapon in hand.

A taser can be just as deadly as a handgun. A taser, even more so. I've been hit by small arms fire before and was still able to fight through it and neutralize the adversary. A taser can lock you up, leaving you at the complete mercy of your antagonist. To shoot you with his handgun, or stomp your face, which none of these scum would have any reluctance in doing, rats that they all are.

Which is worse? Many of the California 1AAers carry BOTH tasers and handguns, so when faced with that immediate threat, there's every right to act immediately and with full aggression, using any and all means to neutralize that attack or threat of attack. You don't leave it up to the "good graces" of an antagonist to have "mercy" once their intention is clearly perceived. You act. You take them down. These businesses need to hire the appropriate people to accomplish this if they wish to remain in business.

Gangs of well-armed frauditors (yes, most carry firearms along with the tasers, pepper spray, blades, etc.) most of them convicted felons, the cops looking the other way, baggage handlers that they all are because many of the California frauditors having current and former gang affiliation and now are active police informants regularly ratting out MS-13, their own gangs, and others, showing up with the specific purpose of destroying that targeted business should be met with combat-ready security, appropriately armed to neutralize the physical threats they make and present to owners, employees, and patrons..

If any business in California has an interest in remaining in business, that is what it will take. Hiring specialists. Fighting fire with the same fire.

These California 1AA crews aren't just "armed" with a camera, peacefully exercising their 1AA rights. They are armed with handguns, tasers, chemicals, and blades, and the ball-washing police look the other way as the criminal-frauditors show up 5 to 10 in number to confront, harass, and threaten their targeted businesses and churches. (But NEVER A MOSQUE, interesting, right?) Is that down?
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Another one from the Silent Scumbag and his girlish pal KC Camera Gal:

Notice, the taser or handgun in KC's right hand, ready to deploy against an unarmed man being crucified and egged on by Silence Scumbag, he himself brandishing a weapon, 2 against one.

The tactical solution is for their intended target, which would be security personnel sent out to address the armed frauditors rather than an employee, to draw and fire two rounds of hydro-shock ammo into KC's center mass, then quickly wheel back forward and fire two rounds into the Silent Scumbag, following up with head-shots if still moving once taken down.

That's the only safe way out of being in the crossfire of armed antagonists with lethal intent, unless you want to chance your fate to their mercy.

I always reach out to the businesses they harass to recommend appropriate strategies to deter these armed criminal frauditors and to fill them in on names, addresses, criminal records, the whole shebang. I'm all about transparency.


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Another day, another two pair of cop-washed mouse-balls.

Block the driveway, refuse to move and allow vehicles in and out, threaten everyone with tasers and mace, and your personal leisure police show up with warm soapy water in a bucket and a washcloth to wash the mouse-sized balls of their partners. Why bother with the soapy water, officer, lick them clean.

I'm sure if KC Camera Girl and SilenceCunt ordered the police to lick them clean the cops would drop to their knees, with butt-siphoning lips pursed; that's about all California cops are good for at this point. A receptacle.

"If this business tries to impede you from shutting them down, tasing them, macing them, shooting them, or crucifying them in any way, call us and we'll come down hard on them, God bless you both, check your balls, I don't think I missed a spot". ROFL

THIS is policing?

Criminals have fast become well aware that they can do anything they please in California, if they've established the right connections with the otherwise useless cops.

Anyone with a business in California, and all employees should at least be armed and trained with the same weaponry they are being threatened with by 1A frauditors. Common sense.
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Another day of torturing and threatening women, Silence Cunt's favorite pastime.

What amazes me, aside from there not being one man in California; I've yet to see in any videos of a California Frauditor, a state with "honorary" police (in name only), is that WHILE an equally useless, half-human; a scrawny little cunt like this can continually threaten women daily with assault; brandishing weapons, and never once hesitate to think.

"Here's a woman sitting here by herself. Is she truly alone? A perfect victim to terrorize and attack for a cunt like me? Or maybe she's with her husband, and he went to get the car? Maybe he's not a wimp like every other man in California I've run into so far, and maybe even if he is a wimp, when he comes back with the car and sees me spraying mace in his wife's face, her screaming in pain, maybe instead of pulling over to pick her up he'll keep driving and run me right the fuck over, back up over me, and run me right the fuck over again, god bless him and good riddance to the worthless cunt that I am?"

Wimps can jam their foot on a gas pedal and aim 2 tons of metal and plastic just as easily as he can aim a gun, a stun gun, or mace at a woman or child's face. And wimps can do it from the safety of their vehicle. I wonder if that ever dawns on Silence Cunt.

He can't possibly be anywhere NEAR as stupid as he looks and sounds, can he? Or I would think that his bird brain wouldn't be able to control his limbs, right?


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Comment from Silence Cunt's target:

What does your mom think about what you're doing right now? She must be SO proud. "My little boy. Filming strangers on the street".

A family oriented person, I always think of things like this when I see Silence Cunt and the rest of the SGV crew parading up and down the street, torturing and threatening people, mostly the very young, the very aged, and typically women. And the way they go after the women, so verbally vile and violent, sometimes acting upon those verbal taunts and threats, well... these are NOT men. These are not even women, even if they all have cunts. These are vermin, with other vermin following them. That is their audience. Pure fucking misery, just like them. Manure and misery. That's their milieu.

"Her kid's in the back seat. Spray the mace right in his face and see how she likes that" (Thumbs up smiley face)

"Call CPS and LIE. Make up anything. Get her kid taken away from the bitch. HaHaHa"

"Come back at night and throw rat poison over the fence of that kennel into where they run. Kill them".

"Let's see if he's puncture proof. HaHaHaHa".

"I'm going to kill CC Dumbs' dog tonight"

"You should have spiced her and her baby up right in their stupid faces"

These are some of the comments I've seen below the various videos of the SGV crew; Furry, KC Cunt, Pedo, Downey "the Brave", etc., etc.. Sometimes they remain, sometimes they wisely delete them or edit them out. These are the vermin that follow and subscribe to these cunts, hoping they'll see them injure, maim, or kill someone or something.

How proud Fat Jose's mom, Mama Rat, would be of her baby rat, if she could watch along with these vermin to see that.
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