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still living with your mom?", ask the Mounted police.

"you ain't never gonna' win me", the not so silent jackass says, doxing himself and silent mom by not abandoning the video and wisely erasing it.

Well he is correct. "Ain't never" is a double negative. It means they ARE going to "win" you. And the moron posts the video, so everyone he crucifies and threatens can find out exactly who he is even with very limited internet, deep web, and dark web sleuthing skills!!!! It's impossible to even comprehend this incredibly rare and scarcely seen brand of stupid. A bird with his brain would fly backwards.


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To be perfectly candid, people are sometimes misled as to the intelligence of a foreign born, foreign speaking individual that did not come through the same educational system, reading similar literature, and having fluency in their language.

Conversing with any foreign born individual that hasn't had the decades of fluency with your language can be daunting and may lead one to think, "not the sharpest tool in the shed, is he". Especially when they can't find, or misuse words, phrases; poorly form sentences, etc., what's usually referred to as "broken English". Understandably, this typically is a case of knowing what they want to say, but simply not having the linguistic skills to articulate and convey those thoughts in a language foreign to the listener.

As someone who has trained many people in and from many different nations, I've become keenly aware that this is a language gap and not a brain gap. But in the case of Silence Cunt here? Aside from the language barrier, this is obviously a low-grade fucking moron. Each and every time he opens that cunt mouth of his, he makes that abundantly clear, just have to say. Whether he is speaking English OR Spanish, this is a fucking idiot, truth be told, IMO.


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Because Silence Cunt's abnormal, petrified brain operates in slow-motion. it took him about a full day longer than it should have taken a normal thinking adult to take down his video (from the opening post of this thread) doxing himself and his Silent Cunt Mom.

We all suspected, but now at least we all finally know whose numbskull this brain wound up in. ROFL:



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From FamiliaTV (keep up the great work!)

Richard Garcia Aguirre

aka/ Ricardo Garcia Aguirre

Ford Explorer

Plate #ACA-1971

That's likely a vanity plate, the ACA being Silence Cunt Mom's initials and year of birth; the vehicle registered in her name .


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If I were a good dectective and could find his address I’d send him a post card. I want to thank him for making me laugh. All I have to do when I’m feeling down is watch the clip of “she spit in my face! Right now!”, makes me laugh every time! lol


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Kool Rock leaves a comment about the video: "I'm starting to think Richard Garcia Aguirre AKA Silent Boy is a POLICE INFORMANT always talking about putting someone in jail".

And yes, that is an accurate observation that I've noticed for some time about Silence Cunt's videos. As in this one, where he openly declares, "I've put a lot of people away" to various members of the film crew, sometimes specifying "in jail", "behind bars", and the like, as he does in some of his other videos.

So knowing that Silence Cunt is a low-grade fucking moron who would be stupid enough to admit that he is indeed a police informer if it were true that he was, by his own admission, "putting a lot of people away behind bars", and that he should likely be taken at his word because he's THAT stupid, and THAT simple minded, I did some digging where it really counts. The deep and the dark web.

Now surfing the dark web for intel isn't without peril, even with the right browser and shields. A "burner" PC dedicated just for deep and dark web surfing should be used so no personal info can be hacked and if the PC is hijacked, you just unplug it and throw it the hell out, you're not giving up anything or losing anything more than a basic surfboard.

Anyway, what I was able to find is that Silence Cunt might miraculously be stupid enough to be TELLING THE TRUTH, as suspected. You never know who placed it there, but there is dark web chatter about Silence Cunt putting people in prison and ratting out L.A. stash houses. And again, I must stress that the reliability of that info is not certain as the sources are not clearly identified.

However, this would make perfect sense, IMO. His growing entitlement. Openly announcing to all, quite regularly, "I can do anything I want to anyone I want. You cannot stop me. The police cannot stop me". SGV seemingly distancing himself from Silence Cunt.

1AA auditing would make the perfect cover for stoolies. Well, in Silence Cunt's case; ALMOST perfect. His own mouth would probably blow that cover for him with the wrong people listening to him rat out himself about doing it, low grade fucking moron that he is.

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If I were a good dectective and could find his address I’d send him a post card. I want to thank him for making me laugh. All I have to do when I’m feeling down is watch the clip of “she spit in my face! Right now!”, makes me laugh every time! lol
The La Familia redux of Silence Boy's Youtube deleted video in the post right above yours has all the elements you need to affect a search for Silence Boy's personal info. Listen carefully to EVERYTHING the cops are saying. Especially when Silence Boy is trying to talk over them.

Although I have them all, I'll never publish an auditor's address unless to COPY, and paste, reposting someone else having done so already.


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As referenced in a comment on one of Silence Cunt's videos from one of his many "fans". Reposting here:

Richard Aguirre living in Los Angeles, CA Contact Details (


Personal profile summary for Richard Aguirre.
Richard is 27 years old and was born in August 1994. Richard currently lives at 947 Magnolia Ave in Los Angeles, CA and has lived there for about 1 year. You can contact Richard at phone number (213) 387-1029.
Richard is not known to have been married. Maybe an alternative Richard Aguirre is married to someone you know.
Richard is known to have previously used or be associated with the following names or alias Richard Aguirregarcia. Richard is believed to be related to the following people: Aguirre S Montiel, Alejandra Ortega, Alejandro Fuentes Aguilar, Antonio C Munoz, Antonio Munoz JR. Richard has no known friends, associates or coworkers that could be found. Perhaps another Richard Aguirre would have a friend, associate or coworker that you are familiar with.
Richard lived previously at 1111 S Westmoreland Ave in Los Angeles, CA.
Richard has no known other email addresses. Try another Richard Aguirre to show other email addresses. Richard has no known other phone numbers. Try another Richard Aguirre to show other phone numbers.
There are no known businesses that Richard is associated with. Trying an alternative Richard Aguirre might show you the business you were expecting.


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The great FamiliaTV serves up yet another 98 mph "high hard one", up and in Silence Cunt's face, that Goose Gossage in his prime would have been proud of!

Great narration on a reposting of a Classic video of Silence Cunt doing what he does best. Being a cunt; watching from a safe distance while his fellow SGV alumni KC Camera Cunt is set upon, served a slice of his own mutton. Too bad that their sow-like "dad", Fat Jose McTits, wasn't there to get himself a taste too.

The choice of background music for Familia's narration is pure genius! :)


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Claims of Youtube paying him $150 and $200 p.d., here are Silence Cunt's Youtube analytics:

Silenceboy 1stamendment Net Worth in 2021 - Income and Wealth Growth (

Here is the sad truth about this lying cunt:

How much money does Silenceboy 1stamendment make?
Below is an estimate of the average earnings from advertising on the channel, depending on language, price and current audience.


A total of $11,000 in two years on youtube. His paltry handful of cash and fool's gold costume jewelry are likely earnings from "other" sources, yet to be confirmed.


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And of course, any reposting of information already posted elsewhere, in this case in the comments of the videos that Youtube sanctions and promotes, is done so in the interest of the same type of accountability and transparency that the 1AA's always mention. What's good for the goose is always good for the gander. Always has been, always will be. Just ask the goose.


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Humorous that the frauditors, with their "thousands of veiws" think they're the shit. Well, most are shit, but nowhere NEAR "the shit". Here boys. Here's one self-defense video alone that since July, 2020 has generated nearly 8 MILLION views:

Here's another one that in 4 years has generated 50 million views:

Talk about Ka-ching, right? Ya' think the owners of these videos and others like them that generate 100 million+ views EACH are wearing FOOL'S gold costume jewelry?


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"The cops all know who I am. I put a lot of people away. I can do anything I want to anyone I want, the police can't/won't stop me".



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Another Silence Cunt classic, compiled and narrated by The Great One, Familia TV, from his "as the stomach turns" files. This one of the not so silent Cunt stalking and attempting to attack a woman with pepper spray; the infamous "She spit in my (fuck) face" vignette:

She wasn't having any of this not so Silent Cunt's bullshit and told him to go fuck himself, and the rat then ran after her to attack, maybe even try to kill her.

And of course, as expected, he's back to filming soon after. Strange, no? Here's someone attempting to assault someone; someone that has to be stopped = no harm, no foul, go about your business? WTF? Maybe he has put enough people away in Pelican Bay to have that kind of juice?

Thankfully, on site security didn't get the memo about Silence Cunt's probable "protected status" thus saw fit to protect her instead of him, stopping him before he could follow through and maybe murder her right on the street, empowered as he is with a sense that he can do anything he pleases to anyone he pleases, that the cops will back him up and he'll get away with it. Not this time. These two aren't down with that program. It's that simple. :cool:

And quite frankly, if he's got enough juice, in a position of helping to put away enough people, as he constantly brags about, maybe he could have gotten away with killing her, like he constantly brags that he can do anything he pleases with his typical mantra.

"The police know who I am"


"I can do anything I want to anybody I want and nobody can stop me".

"The police won't stop me"

1AAing makes the PERFECT cover for filming and keeping an eye out for activities to rat on.

Every once in a while one of this SGV crew gets "arrested", spending a few hours inside, again, what would be PERFECT COVER for a confidential informer to meet with his contact for a pow-wow and turn over evidence captured on camera.
These 1AAers are out at all hours, filming everything, some of them former gang members themselves.

What WE actually see on their youtube videos is a very small portion of the totality of the volume of what they capture, I'd wager, they are ALWAYS filming. Body cams, shoulder cams, hat cams, glasses cams, etc., etc. What better way to fly under the radar of those being informed upon?

Lookout: "Oh.. it's the three little pigs again. They film youtube videos, ignore them."

I think the Great one, La FamiliaTV is on the right track pointing out how much sense it makes for informers to use 1AAing as a cover for their MAIN bread and butter as PAID CIs (informants).

Silence Cunt is just too stupid to keep it under wraps. He announces it "I put a lot of people away, the cops all know me, they won't do anything, I can do anything I want to anybody",

As dim-witted and morally bankrupt as he constantly proves himself to be each and every time he opens up that cunt mouth of his, Fat Jose McTits, the leader of the band, is probably the LEAST dull of all the tools in the SGV crew's shed.

This would explain why Fat Jose keeps him at a distance so if and when the right people wake up and put 2 and 2 together and arrive at 4 instead of the usual tree-fitty, and it's time that the bright Green Light of truth finally shines upon Richard Garcia Aguirre, eventually figured out, I'm sure, Fat Jose McTits doesn't want to be anywhere near close proximity to Silence Cunt, not that he doesn't have his own come-uppance awaiting him one day to be sure. Fate always balances the books. Even fat sows deservedly reap what they sow.


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Here's someone just as stupid as the Silent Cunt, ratting himself out as a confidential informant live on youtube.

Another good video on the subject:



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A new video from the Great One, FamiliaTV, with his typically excellent critique on another Silence Cunt 1A harassment video

In this FamiliaTV "Thanksgiving tribute" to Silence Cunt, those clips at the end with him counting and displaying cash are very interesting?

Things just that don't add up:

His Youtube analytics show $41 per day as his average for the past 2+ years, a total of $11,400 earned from tube. Yet, if we are to believe that his counter is counting $100 bills, and those stacks are all of $100 bills, he's representing WELL over $100K in CASH, by conservative estimate.

Where did it come from? Certainly not from Youtube. Not at $41 per day according to Youtube analytics for his shit channel.

Is that money income? It must be if it's his and of course subject to INCOME TAX. So WHERE is it from? I'm going to go out on a limb here and wager that the IRS will be interested in that cash belonging to someone making $41 per day according to youtube analytics?

PAID CONFIDENTIAL INFORMERS typically are working off charges and if there IS money in being a stoolie for them, it's usually limited to $1000 or less. Usually for ratting out stash or trap houses to the police. The Informer gets a taste of how much dollar value is involved for their information.

BUT, some informants can make the type of money Silence Cunt is representing here, up to $50,000 or more, for ratting out HIGH LEVEL DRUG DEALERS, where a large dollar value of product and or guns are seized is involved; millions worth. And even THAT BLOOD MONEY is considered income by the IRS and taxable accordingly.

Is that what's happening here?

Coach K

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I don't know how this got past me but did anyone else know about Silence Cunt's arrest earlier this month? $25,000 bail amount has me extremely curious what that little idiot did. Screenshot_20211125-212615_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20211125-212626_Chrome.jpg


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Another superb video from the Great One, FamiliaTV:

Cop: "You KNOW me. You can do WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO, just don't interfere with the film crew".

And of course he goes right back to disrupting their work as the cops approvingly look on making sure their golden goose is safe.

Cops condoning Silence Cunt disrupting a film shoot? Trying to end it? "You KNOW me, you can do whatever you want to do"?

And he's allowed to continue to interfere with the film crew?

"I put people away". "I put a lot of people away".

I have no doubt that if he wanted to pepper spray, taze, or even shoot that woman, the police would back his play.

Businesses have got to start hiring their own ARMED and BONDED guards. Not security. WELL ARMED and experienced GUARDS if they wish to continue to operate in California. Not to de-escalate threats, but to END THEM. No words. No dialog. Someone shows up brandishing a sidearm, taser, pepper spray and makes threatening advances or gestures or voices intent to use them, their threats should be taken at their word and effectively neutralized immediately, informants or not.




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I don't know how this got past me but did anyone else know about Silence Cunt's arrest earlier this month? $25,000 bail amount has me extremely curious what that little idiot did. View attachment 853View attachment 854
I don't think it matters what he did. Going by what I can find online thus far, and that includes the internet, the deep and the dark web, it appears that he has been absolved of any wrongdoing, and the case/cause for his "arrest" quashed. I can't find a trace of it.
This is not to say that is conclusive, but I can't find a hint of any pending criminal charges against Richard Garcia Aguirre stemming from a 11/08 or 11/09 incident, which if that's so, would make perfect sense, given how valuable a resource he must on the street rather than locked up where he richly deserves to be.

Could have also been a "mock arrest", so he could go in and have a pow-wow with his handlers to spill his bloated guts, just part of the cover and how 1AAers might be used in California to gather information for the authorities.

Curious by his absence, the SGV crew's shot caller, Fat Jose McTits, who appears to be distancing himself from his crew as of late, especially Silence Cunt.

Fat Jose might actually be smarter than he looks, as impossible as that would seem to comprehend from looking at him and listening to him, IMHO.


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