So just how rich do some tormentors get by monetizing the misery they create?


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I don't see it brought up much. A few scant remarks in an occasional video, confessed by the auditor, probably a most unwise thing to do if you want your followers to keep sending money, thinking, "This poor guy is starving. Let me help out".

For a group of people that are constantly professing their love and dedication for transparency and accountability; discussion of how much they make doing this is typically taboo, again, probably a wise decision from a financial standpoint.

So how much do they make? I'll go by what I've heard straight from the horse's mouth, as the saying goes.

Long Island Audits, JeanPaul Reyes, did an interview, and admitted to taking in $8000 in his first month of auditing.

SGV News First, Jose Gonzales, mentioned to someone driving a new Benz "that he thinks he's rich because he drives a new Benz? He "makes THOUSANDS per day and ONE of his stable of cars is a Benz". So much for the charade of poverty, and needing contributions to bail this one and that one out because he doesn't have $1000 to do it by himself, right?

Amagansett Press, Jason Gutterman, told a reporter that after a few months of auditing, he was taking in $30,000 per month.

And the worse slip up of all, was the flea-like, Auditing America's Anselmo Chiquita Banana Santana Maria Alameda Henrique Torres Morales, who unwisely once mentioned in one of his innumerable videos, the sheer number of which are like grains of sand in the Sahara, that he "makes millions of dollars per year from his billions of views".

Is it puffing? Simply fake braggadocio? Or are they telling the truth? If so, I wonder if they're being truthful about paying the taxes on all of their income? The taxes they often mention, "I pay for that building". "I own this building","I pay your salary". "You work for me". "I pay you with my taxes, I'm your boss", ad infinitum.


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Earl says in a lawsuit that he's making some 200k a year
I must admit, I haven't seen many of his videos other than the ones where he and Patrick send Floyd out as their sacrificial goat; to risk his life by reaching into the small of his back and into his pockets, deliberately giving cops the impression that he's packing and about to draw down on them, actually encouraging suicide by cop. Then, when the cops rightfully broach the distance between Floyd and themselves and justifiably tackle and subdue him, acting like the crazy man he is, THEN Earl and Pat, watching from a safe distance, run up to the cops, "What are you doing, man? What are you doing? You assaulted him?"

I think the way they use Floyd, like the Japanese Imperial Navy sending out Kamikazee pilots , and that he LETS himself be used in that way is reprehensible. Two utter cowards taking full advantage of a mentally unstable half-wit with a death wish and profiting from the danger he puts himself into.

What SHOULD happen is that not only Floyd, but the other two be taken to the local ER for a 72 hour psychiatric hold pending evaluation before being released, IF released. Suicide attempts, of which this COULD easily be construed without much of a legal argument, should be taken seriously, and maybe once they are, will act as a deterrent for this type of encounter. Especially so because of Floyd's psychiatric history.


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Maybe this is a good indication of just how much the porcine Jose Gonzalez makes yearly. One of his many mods inform him that a cop whose balls he's busting makes $167,000 per year. Hearing this, Fatso chides the cop, "I make more than 10 times what you do, you're nothing compared to me; I drive 4 cars, what do you drive?", I paraphrase, I can't go back and listen to it again without throwing up.

Maybe his fans should consider that he makes 20 to 100 times more than most of them do before they smash that like and contribute money to the self-outed Richie Rich?


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Here's the youtube channel income calculator.

Enter the URL or name of the channel into the search bar and a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, grand total of the channels you tube revenue earnings will be shown.

Remember, take the figures with a grain of salt. Based on one youtube vlogger I know well, HIS tally on this calculator was WAY short of the youtube revenue his channel actually generates. And again, that figure shown is ONLY the youtube revenue, which does not include paypal donations from subscribers. Only the ad-generated revenue.

StarStat - Youtube Channel Stats & Net Worth


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