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I am a 16 year U.S. Army veteran. Served 16 years. 3 tours Iraq, 1 Mogidushu, 1 with United Bastion in Kosovo. I hate where I country has gone since 9/11. Although I agree that we need to be more vigilant in our security I do not think it has to be at the experience of our right. Law enforcement and government official have taken our fears and used them against us. (Patriot Act)... Although I can't defend my country or the Constitution in uniform anymore I would still like to do so in other ways. (Legally). Please help me to find a way I can do so. (medicflw0420@gmail.com)


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Cop watching is a good way to keep law enforcement in check. Actually, you're also helping to protect the officer. Dash cams and body cams don't have the range your camera will. It's always best to keep a reasonable distance and follow an order if you're not 100% sure what your rights are. You can research it later. It's also best to remain a silent witness. You don't want to interfere and be arrested. If you see what appears to be wrong doing you can get reports, body cam footage, etc through open records requests. If you haven't seen any cop watch videos, Laura Shark is the one I recommend.


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