What a bunch of imbeciles...


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Mar 25, 2022
I live in the United Kingdom, specifically England. We don't seem to have many auditors here. We, as a nation, have known for years that there is no expectation of privacy when one is out in public so no one starts clutching their pearls and calling the police when they see someone with a camera of any sort coming their way. We can also approach the police to ask them questions but we do it with a little more class, well a lot more class. With that said, I watch the various American auditors with amusement, they are terribly funny and the angrier they get the funnier they become. Then we have the people who take the auditor's videos and ridicule them. Not only that but they take pride in the various copyright strikes they've managed to have lifted by YouTube. Bravo! So I've watched and waited for the inevitable cross over of frauditor teaming up the people they were last week being shredded by and it didn't take long. Dr. Dave and his feud with Joey and Audit Them are a classic example of how the world turns and now Dr. Dave is going after his own kind like Mass Hole Kate with a copyright strike who in turn has Josh Abrams and CHandTY audits on her live stream. Then we have the battle of the lightweights, Chille DeCastro and Denver Metro Audits who were all mates when DMA was arrested but after the honeymoon period of about 12 hours the partnership had irretrievably broken down and a lawsuit was threatened by Mr. Delete Lawz whose narcissism knows no bounds. My my, how it all turns rotten. I do hope that I might have enlightened you on how ridiculous this frauditing business looks outside of America looking in. If you are an auditor of any kind I'm so sorry you weren't born with enough intelligence to get a job that doesn't entail goading people. To those who say to the police, "I pay your wages." Fabulous darling, you're getting your money's worth. Far from making people accountable you are annoying people and soon instead of having more rights, you'll have less. Oh, and please will someone tell them how to read 'Poster 7' and explain to them what it really means. It doesn't give them carte blanche to film just because they want to obtain clicks and views. You annoy people enough someone will put you on your bottom and no one, not even the police will do anything. We do things a little different here, we as a people have a lot of power because we work together. We have brought down Governments what have you done? You've annoyed a few Government officials and police and have had to 'e-beg' for money to pay a lawyer. You get yourself into trouble you pay to get out. Would you expect someone to do your jail time? No, I didn't think so. Lock up all the imbeciles, I say if they're taken out of the equation the average IQ of America will improve considerably.

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