Furry Potato: An "Open Contract". SERIOUSLY? Count me in!


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These half-wits actually think that THIS is money??? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 16 minutes in, Furry, with his fellow chivatos in tow, challenges the 1/6th scale toy cop to a pow-wow. Saying, "I've got a contract, for anytime you want to roll".

What I want to know is if this contract is only limited to that children's menu portion sized Lilliputian, or is that challenge open to all. And if any of Furry's fellow 1AA scumpatriots would care to join in, as I assume they would also attend.

My profession takes me to different areas of the nation, various gyms, MMA and boxing clubs. We could even save time. I have no qualms of doing 3 or 4 of you all at once, actually my preference, as it would make an excellent instructional example for my students on zoning then nullifying multiple adversaries.

Of course, you'd have to sign a waiver for injuries and any residual post-challenge trauma, and you'll have to strip down to boxing shorts, which can be provided, even for fat sows like Downey the Bold and Fat Jose, which means no place to secret your numerous street weaponry. Guns, tasers, shivs, chemicals, and whatever else weapons you prags carry because you're all too chicken-shit to venture out into the world to antagonize and threaten folks without being armed to the teeth.

So consider it. I think it would be an immensely clicked on video and the last thing on earth the viewers would be is disappointed if youtube doesn't pull it off. Please advise, bitches.


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Funniest thing is the fool's gold on these sows. It's like dressing up pigs with top hats and spats (and a bra, in the case of Furry, Downey ManBoobs, and Fat Jose McTits). Except that even pigs would look better. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Another day, and "Zippy the Pinhead" issues still another open contract:

Looks like a meeting of the Pinhead Nation! They're all here. All the reprobates. The mentally defectives. The phony tuffs.

All "Zippy" has to do to fill all of their little open contracts is to get in touch with me here. I could fill in the blanks in all of "Zippy's" open contracts if the price is right, as if the Pinhead Nation here had a pot to piss in between the whole scum lot of them! ROFL.



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I feel so bad for the dog. He's got this crack-fueled floozy master; this undeniably, abjectly worthless waste of the breath of life transporting him around in an environment of crack, weed, hash, and whatever else shit fumes this cunt is smoking, that are toxic to small animals and will eventually kill him prematurely, as if he really cares about anything at all (I mean, look at him. Listen to him. WTF can a "thing" like this possibly care about?); a car interior that can only be classified as filthy, garbage strewn with urine and shit stains in every possible place the dog has to lay or sit, and then the dog has to be subjected to possible injury when his worthless cunt of an owner decides to issue threats to police or go hands on, maybe the dog being stepped on in the scuffle, or worse, abandoned and forgotten, locked in the car if this cunt finally gets what's rightfully coming to him. Poor dog.


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IMHO, if Furry had a twin. there wouldn't be two uglier creatures in the world:


And look at the pencil neck!!! THIS is the geek that's issuing open challenges to fight? Half a hitter could ring the bell with the breeze from a near miss!



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Another relevant Furry video posted by and commented on by the Great one, Familia TV.

Furry, the King/Queen/Jack/or 10 of diamonds (whatever he wants to call himself) of abnormal moobs, DARES to even mention the "moobs" and "weird shape" on a relatively average looking man?

What's painfully obvious is Furry's hatred of women. And the prettier the woman, the more that butt-ugly Furry hates her, you can see the contempt contort Furry's ugly face even more than it's typically contorted just as it is.

Furry reminds me of that old commercial for Brut aftershave and cologne.

Today's your brute day!

Except in Furry's case, the Italians would be singing to Furry, "Today's your che face brute day".

Now about all those open contracts....

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Typically critical of Frauditors, especially of members of the SGV gang, it's time to give credit where credit is due. In this particular Silence Cunt video:

Furry is absolutely 100% correct. Absolutely not puffing or misreading what is painfully obvious. The police here, ALL of them, are terrified of Furry. And I don't mean hesitant. They are morbidly terrified. Look at their faces; their body language. How they make sure they keep the gate closed between them and Furry, not even venturing within arm's length of the gate for fear that Furry may reach through and throttle them.

THESE are the dregs that are given uniforms, badges, and guns then sent out to give the public the ILLUSION that laws will be enforced and public safety will be attended to with some type of authority.

These are the police today. Milquetoasts, 97 pound weaklings, baseless cowards all. That's where all the mama's boys went. All the kids that were bullied in school that refused to stand up for themselves. The kids that couldn't do 1 sit up or push up. The cunts.

Look at how nervous they are with Furry there calling them out, each well ware that they breathe only because that day, at that time, Furry allowed them to continue to be able to.

And is Furry physically intimidating? Not by any imagination. A world renowned MMA champion? Former Special Forces? Not that I know of. Is Furry armed? Yes, of course, but there are 8 armed cops to one of Furry and the cops are acting like Satan himself is standing there before them, they're all looking nervously away, scared rabbits, "Please God. Don't let Furry get me".

Now this makes Furry the street fighting Champion of California in my eyes, the premier street tuff, the local Warlord, so if someone shows up to vie for his crown, I can only hope that Furry will be honorable enough to accept that challenge.

Newfound respect for Furry. The cops actually ARE terrified of him. What he's been saying all along is clearly seen here.


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