Long Island Audit: Sean Paul Reyes and his endless Lawsuit Lotto

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Sideshow Sean pleads the fifth, but must have meant the fifth dimension instead of the 5th amendment, because AFTER he pleaded the 5th he didn't STFU even for a second! :D
Appears you fail to understand that invoking one's Fifth Amendment rights applies to a per question basis - it does not automatically cascade to subsequent questions. This is why people asking questions such as police, prosecutors, and legislators may continue asking questions after the Fifth has been invoked.

And WTF is going on with the man boobs Sideshow Sean is rocking? He's starting to look like "Robert Paulson" in Fight Club.
I guess that he overeats and/or under exercises. He is not alone. About 74 per cent of adults in the United States are overweight and about 44 per cent of adults are so overweight to be classified obese - 59.4% of overweight adults are obese.

Yet, overweight people still retain their Constitutional protections, so I'm uncertain what the point of your comment is other than to be an irrelevant attack. In fact, some of these people are able to attain additional protections and legs up under the law. Some animals are more equal than other animals.

Auditing America. Stands at airport screening areas loudly orating that nobody should be subjected to a search because it violates their 4A rights.
OK. I searched YT for Auditing America + airport and found two videos, one at Logan Airport and the other at Orlando Airport. The first one occurs nowhere near a TSA screening area - the troopers even mention that the area is upstairs. The second involves him actually processing through a TSA area because he is a passenger - from 3:44 onward. I viewed the TSA and other airport/airline personnel goofing around with him, but I didn't see oration about not being searched. The only (gentle) admonishment from TSA was after he completed screening when he was told not to zoom in on the X-ray machines.

If you would be kind enough to provide a link to the video you mention and a time mark of this oration, I'd appreciate it.
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If you would be kind enough to provide a link to the video you mention and a time mark of this oration, I'd appreciate it.
Since he usually names his videos to promote the most clickbait' like "Police go nuts and try to arrest me", in all probability, the airport screening is not in the title. You have to suffer through God only knows how many videos to find them.

There are two specific instances where he is at an airport TO TRAVEL; not to noodge. In both these instance, he is UNUSUALLY respectful of security and, as he puts it, "their violating everyone's 4A rights" by screening those boarding planes. He's not ranting about how passengers shouldn't be searched for weapons, you know; the usual. How security is a tyrant and screening illegal and out of order because everybody should be allowed on board without even as much as a second look, everyone on their honor. These are videos where he's got the camera on himself, wearing the cap on his head that looks like he's wearing a pot with the handle sideways, and he's simply talking with his followers about where he's going, and his billions of views. Just him. The idiot with the whisk and the tank top wearing wannabe muscleman walking with arms akimbo (imaginary lat syndrome it's called in hardcore gyms), but missing anything that remotely resembles muscle mass, are not with him; he is solo if that helps.

You have to look. It may be a live streamed video and the title having nothing to do with airport security since airport screening is NOT an issue in those videos.

In other words, since HE'S flying, NOW, it's ok to screen the people that will be stuck in a tube with him at 25,000 feet without escape! He doesn't even look security's way. ROFL.

If YOU'RE flying, then fuck you if you're the only one on the plane NOT carrying a weapon, like he would care if some madman or group of madmen pulled out their weapons and hijacked the plane, right?

When HE flies, he cares about things like firearms on board. Suddenly, violating everyone's 4A rights is OK to keep the plane in the air and all passengers and crew intact.
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I guess that he overeats and/or under exercises. He is not alone.
No, he is definitely NOT alone by any stretch of the imagination.
Fast food, garbage diets comprised mainly of oil, sugar, salt, alcohol; the consuming of such a high level of condiments, junk calories all, sometimes so much so that a meal is made up more of CONDIMENTS than anything else; he is the rule rather than the exception when it comes to this.

Sedentary lifestyles behind computers and TVs. Riding instead of walking or biking. Always choosing the path of least resistance instead of placing demands on your body and willpower.

BUT, most people in his shape wouldn't be telling cops that they don't scare him and that they aren't THAT tough. Especially when the ones he's feigning superiority over look to me to be able to twist him into one of those balloon animals the magicians and OTHER clowns make at kids' parties.

But it's predictable. EVERY auditor is the toughest man on the planet, until it's time to go hands on. "You touch me and I'll defend myself, without that badge and gun, I'd wipe the floor with you", or some such craziness. Then, suddenly, as if by magic, their true limitations and their rude awakening occur. "My back!, My arm.. please be careful of this and that"; suddenly they're cripples. Suddenly, they all have fibromyalga. Just like they all have asthma and can't wear a mask. ROFL


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Newest video:

Seems to have gone well, according to the Master Lawsuitist, he ended the video commenting about how everything went well, except for one officer failing to identify and Tom, one of the officials, having a bad attitude (and of course, in doing so, failing to run for the pail of shame, the warm soapy water of shame, a soft washcloth of shame, and failing to wash his balls and asshole of shame for him).

Will that be enough for this Master Lawsuitist to file yet another lawsuit, this time in Allentown, for these two perceived violations of his first amendment rights? Tom's questioning attitude and the female officer failing to identify? My prediction is, of course it is, and that we'll soon see the paperwork on his website shortly, alongside all the other numerous lawsuits of pure frivolity.

Wouldn't it save time to simply trip on the walkway to the building, fall to the ground howling in pain, for the substance of a lawsuit? You could do that at 4 different buildings in the time it took for this lawsuit fishing expedition, quadrupling your lawsuit output, time is money, right.

Go to a strip mall, simply walk it's length, throwing yourself on the ground in front of each business. You could do that every 20 seconds, that's 3 lawsuits per minute, you can cover every business in an entire strip mall in 3 to 10 minutes.

Or simply bump into someone on the street, fall to the ground clutching your neck, screaming, "He pushed me" = Lawsuit.

Eventually, this Lawsuit Lotto Fisherman will adopt a more efficient way to fish, IMO, just a matter of time.


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Looking for the best places on Long Island to play Lawsuit Lotto, you can't win if you don't play.

Here's my top Lawsuit pick for Sideshow Sean, the Master Lawsuitist:

Lots of glass to "accidentally" bump into and "hurt" yourself = Lots of lawsuits.

Double up. Bring a friend. Let them do likewise = double the lawsuits.

And places this large must have a leak here and there. Visit on a rainy day, look for the puddle, then slip and slide and grab your knee howling on pain= huge lawsuit. Sue the mall, sue all the stores and vendors, sue maintenance, sue Nassau County, sue NY State, sue the estate of Charles Lindberg (didn't he once take off from Roosevelt Field?), even sue the little boy who lives down the lane; sue everybody. Make them pay. Make them all pay.

FOIA the names and addresses of every man, woman, and child on the planet and sue them. You'll get around to it anyway, so why wait?

I-Sue, is the martial art of the Master Lawsuitist.


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Looks like it took about a week for the Master Lawsuiteer to get up off his Rubenesque ass and hit the audit trail, taking it on the road. Hoping to make a lawsuit killinois in Illinois?
Is Sideshow wearing a bustle back there, or is all of that junk in his trunk; all that loose in his caboose, just his Hottentot-like behind? :D

"I love history", SideShow Sean affectionately slobbers.

Here's some recommended reading for him that may come in handy:

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What a pity that this Lotto Lawsuiteer doesn't show up here and post as himself. I know he's dying to. I also know he absolutely will not engage in conversation here and be made mincemeat out of, and with the ham that this boy is carrying around on his Rubenesque hocks, that's more than enough cold cuts to go around.

I'd like to ask Sideshow how he decides when a lawsuit is justified. Is it the water the leisure police of shame wash his leisure balls of shame with? If it's too hot, or too cold for his taste, is that a lawsuit in the making? Or if the water isn't soapy enough? Or the washcloth too rough? Or maybe if they don't lift his cock of shame high enough to wash his balls of shame properly? If they miss a spot?

I'm curious as to the nuts and bolts (if you'll excuse the pun) of the ball washing; what would justify his playing his Trump card (and I do mean Trump; he makes that pretty clear):



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Another day, another lawsuit in the making (what a surprise!!!):

Appropriately, Sideshow Sean should have this playing in the background during this jerk's tear-jerking soliloquies:

SideShow Sean. Making America not so great, one lawsuit at a time.


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A new video, a new take by The Great One, Familia TV, on SideShow Sean, the Master Lawsuiteer's latest lawsuit expedition to Lima, Ohio. Too bad it's not Lima, Peru.
Was the outdated inspection log on the elevator enough to give this Master Lawsuiteer sufficient grounds for a civil suit?

I'm going to guess, "Yes", because let's face it, you can't win Lawsuit Lotto if you don't play!

"Busting Chops"! Precisely. There's no better way to put it. ;)

Looks like Sideshow Sean might have taken the "red eye special" to get there. :cool: Supply chain issues with Murine?

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Another day, another lawsuit?

Here's the Great One, FamiliaTV's presentation and excellent critique of the Master LawSuiteer's latest lawsuit hunting expedition, this time to Binghamton, NY's City Hall:

If anyone is wondering why capturing every employee's name and position appears to be of such importance to SideShow Sean, one has only to sift through the thousands of comments from his merry band of followers. I'm patient. I read fast. I do that. It's enlightening. You can see into the minds of his followers to see exactly what they're thinking. They'll tell you. Just read.

Seems like minutes after he doxes and employee, an entire undercurrent goes to work, posting in their comments the names, personal addresses, phone numbers, also the same for their relatives and even their neighbors in some cases along with suggestions of paying them a visit at their homes to air grievances. And some are very crafty. They make a comment, like "Someone should pay her a visit" and do this and that, and then 30 seconds after they delete their comment once the point was made and it may have fallen well outside the law, thus stated for someone's approval, then deleted. Like kites in prison. Now you see them, now you don't. Disappearing ink! Slick, right? Not quite slick enough though, just like Sideshow Sean. Slick... but not too slick.

I wonder what type of actions LIA's followers are discussing that should be taken at the employees and administrator's homes and HOW these grievances should be aired?

Now that he's doxed the Police Captain who stood up to him, FLUSTERING him in the process (he IS weak, and here's exactly where it showed, voice cracking as he furiously stammered, hemmed and hawed to try talking over her) and he's made it clear that he intends to investigate her thoroughly, it'll be interesting to see if she falls prey to incidents of harassment and threats at her home. If she does, she has only to read this thread and she'll know PRECISELY who is responsible for it.

In all fairness, Sideshow sometimes says, "I see comments in my videos about people wanting to commit violence against the people in my videos, but I don't condone it". But IMO, that's EXACTLY his goal; that anyone who has the audacity to buck and challenge HIS God-like authority should be punished, or he wouldn't dox everyone he comes in contact with in his videos.

Most in his videos have no idea as to the malicious nature of some of his followers. Some of the followers' true interests and intentions. The employees in these city halls sign up to push pencils and then become TARGETS.

These workers just don't want to be filmed because being doxed wasn't on their job description when they applied for the position, nor did they think it would be. They little realize that now, not only must they accept being doxed on a huge platform, but also being in danger for retribution at the whim of Sideshow's followers who take exception to their not bowing and scraping sufficiently, to their liking, before their "God" if that was the case and being perceived by some. What fucking nonsense.

I have a newsflash for them. He's not God. God doesn't cower, apologize, and write letters begging forgiveness to avoid a richly deserved just dessert. To borrow a phrase from uber-moron Silence Boy, "It's that simple, doods". :cool:


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The Great One, FamiliaTV, presents his take on SideShow Sean, the Master Lawsuiteer's latest lawsuit fodder:

Postmaster knew what he was talking about. Poster 7 stipulates that at their discretion, ANY postmaster can trespass ANYONE in their post office that is filming, if they so choose.

Sideshow's not having any of it though.

What's amazing to me is that the PostMaster calls the police to eject the portly and Rubenesque Lawsuitmeister, and DISAPPEARS, to leave Sideshow Sean controlling the narrative with lie after lie and obfuscations about the interpretation of poster 7. Thankfully, the cops were able to read and of sound enough mind to interpret Poster 7 AS WRITTEN.

Maybe all of my communications with PDs and postal authorities about what Poster 7 actually states and how the postmasters can eject whatever first amendment frauditing feces and flotsam float their way out of the sewer with all the other shit and into the post office to torment and crucify everyone within, erroneously interpreting Poster 7, are bearing fruit. I reach out with 50 to 100 form emails every day, state by state, city by city, town by town warning them about frauditors monetizing the misery of their employees and customers, and how the postmasters are well within the rules to trespass them for any reason.

FamiliaTV brings up a very interesting point: "The selective adherence to policy".

When a gov. employee is asked for their name and they refuse to comply, the frauditor states, "It's your POLICY to tell me your name and position".

But when a frauditor is told, "Our policy is no cameras", the frauditor quickly states, "What law is that? Policy does not trump law".

THIS is what the frauditors SHOULD be told by gov. employees when badgered for the employee's names so the frauditor can dox and their followers later crucified their victims off camera: "What law is that? That I have to tell you my name. Law trumps our policy. Go pound sand. State the law that I must tell you my name".


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