RB NEWS TEXAS, another child Rapist


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Man what a DUMBASS comment/question, hell I don't know about the surgeries, most times the don't say nothing about surgery, they said that was one of the worst cases, Hang him high from a tree, if he gets one of these liberal judges he'll probably be free in 10 some sick sentence like that, hell you can't even get death in most states


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Honestly I would love to see the medical records where this really happened you won't find it because it never happened you stupid dumb fuck retarded mother fucker get the facts straight before you go slandering my name bitch ass vic.
How many surgeries
did the girl have to have the girl had to have surgery almost immediately if he raped her

Or i guess it could wait with the child being in pain for 6 months


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worldtour your a stupid dumb fuck you think you know what happened but your really don't know dumb ass. I had a lame duck lawyer which I found out has been disbarred 2 times so I would love to see the dna evidence where I done this shit. if it really happened there would be proof it which would be public record. but you run to mouth like a little bitch world tour thinking you know what happened when you really don't have all the facts. show people fact before you go slandering my name.so honestly your opinion of what you think happened isn't fact it just shows how much of a stupid dumb fuck you are world star. So fuck you and yo mamma bitch.


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